Bobby Wells


Welcome, this website features Bobby's music in the Christian Genre. Blending Gospel, Contemporary, Folk, Instrumentals, Easy Listening,

Praise & Worship styles.


Sometimes people want to know some giant story about how I

wrote my songs...was I standing on a great mountain, was I out to sea, chasing lions or going through some tragedy, like a death in the family, all tremendous things and worthy of great songs, but many times its as simple as listening to the Lord. After prayer, or just being with church family hearing great instruction from our pastors, and most of all...hearing that still small voice. FYI, I read a reviewer say "Bobby's doing Smooth Jazz, now he's going back to Christian music" no, I love both types music. I've always been fond of instrumental music (music without lyrics) but I also express myself with words from the Bible because I'm a follower of Christ. That's who I am. I also do commercial type music for cooperations. I always get a kick out of people that say "if your a Christian you should only do Christian music..." Well, a plumber does not go to only Christian homes. Paul made tents and probably made them for anyone that needed them. We can be so critical.

Just saying.


When you have communion with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and a song comes that makes you dance, cry and shout hallelujah you know it's from Him and you're in heavenly places, you can just sense the presence of angels or a cloud of witnesses singing with you. After you write the song, many times, other listeners feel that same anointing. You see, it's coming from the same source...Christ.  

Heaven and earth shall pass away but My Word shall never pass away...well guess what? David wasn't only a King but he was a writer of songs and his music inspires us today. The "world" would love God's children to compete with each other or compare, one trying to be greater than the next, but God just wants us to love each other. That's all that matters...really.

Be blessed, sometimes the simplest answer is God gave it to me. 


If you're new to my music you will understand quickly that my music takes on various cultural styles of music. Something from America, Mid-Eastern, Africa, Latin, Folk, Soul, Classical, Instrumentals, etc. Our Lord made us all and as a child of God my primary focus is to Glorify and lift Him up.  

In the glorious Name of Jesus Christ.

"Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you." James 4:8



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